Windshield Replacement and Re-Calibration on Newer Vehicles

Something to knowon newer windshield replacements... Many of the newer cars have sensors or cameras that look through your windshield.. If you have one of these cars and you need to replace the winshield then there is a good likelihood that the sensor or camera will have to be re-calibrated to function properly. Before you choose the glass company to replace your windshield you need to ask them if they can do this re-calibration. If they can't and you have them replace the windshield then you will have to take the car to someone who can do the re-calibration, most likely the dealer, which will incur an additional cost.

Most insurance companies will require that you pay the dealership first for the re-calibration and will reimburse you for the cost if you send them a paid receipt. This can cause you to be out your deductible and initially the re-calibration cost. From what we have seen, this re-calibration can cost upwards of $300-$400 from a dealer.

Hopefully, as more and more of this type of equipment comes out on cars, insurance companies and repair shops will get a better system of payment and service working. Until then, be sure to inquire with your glass shop first.. before the work is done....and make sure that they can do the complete job....if they can't it might be worth it to find one that can...

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