SR22 Information

What Is an SR22?

An SR22 form is a form that the Department of Public Safety
requires when a person's drivers license has been or will be  

The suspension could be for a DWI, DUI, drug offense, too many
tickets, refusal of breathalizer, having no insurance tickets, and
other reasons.

The SR22 form simply shows the DPS where you have insurance.  
While this is on file with the DPS, if your insurance is cancelled for
any reason the insurance company must notify the DPS that the
SR22 is no longer valid.

SR22's are usually required for up to two years depending on the
reason it is required.

Not all insurance companies will issue an SR22.

If you do not own a car and you are in need of an SR22 then you
will have to get a "Nonowners" insurance policy with the SR22
attached to it.

There are usually filing fees with the DPS if you need an SR22.  
These fees are in addition to the cost of the insurance policy.